Mirjam Bayoumi

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“She is the Bergdorf’s for the Swedish posse of New York.”


101065_300We are very proud to have been featured in the New York Times – “The NonBlonde Leading the Blonde” read the article about what clients say about awardwinning Swedish color technician Mirjam Bayoumi’s work.

The lady that gets around manhattan like no other visited Mirjam Bayoumi Salon for a short chat on this summers fashion. Read all about her summary att the post Summer hair-gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen at her “cant-live-without-blog” Woman Around Town.

Hairstyles are being influenced by three previous eras with three different trends. First is the 70’s era, where the “just woken up look” reigns free. Nothing says carefree summer style like long flowing hair with chunky bangs. The 50’s are also influencing hairstyles. These easy to care for styles are making a strong statement in vibrant bold colors such as bleached blonde.

Woman around town

Our darling Sohie Fahrman was here at the Mirjam Bayoumi Salon and we helped her with her wonderful blond curls. More about it in Swedish from her own blog, Sophies Snapshots På begäran , with leading Swedish magazine Aftonbladet. And as the miss said herself…

“It’s not easy finding a Swedish hairdresser in manhattan.”