Mirjam Bayoumi

”She understands what blond actually means for each woman—which hue goes perfectly with her skin tone, which cut will complement your bone structure, and that perfectly colored mane she just gave you. Hello beautiful.”
SOMA magazine

”Tucked away into an anonymous Yorkville block on the Upper East Side, her salon, all clear wood and bright light, attracts not only Princess Madeleine of Sweden, but also some of her most stylish subjects: Swedish designers, Swedish bloggers, Swedish media moguls, Swedish makeup artists — an almost exclusively Swedish group, all after that ineffable snowy blond that the rest of us always assume is natural.”

”Hairstyles are being influenced by three previous eras with three different trends. First is the 70’s era, where the “just woken up look” reigns free. Nothing says carefree summer style like long flowing hair with chunky bangs. The 50’s are also influencing hairstyles. These easy to care for styles are making a strong statement in vibrant bold colors such as bleached blonde.”
Woman around town

“It’s not easy finding a Swedish hairdresser in manhattan”
Sophie Fahrman, Aftonbladet